Imagine, design and start up of remote-controlled machining machines

OPTIM Technologies has for many years been a key player in the construction, maintenance and manufacture of petroleum and gas installations. We distinguish ourselves in particular by our ability to meet so-called “impossible” challenges.

Whether the projects are on-shore or off-shore, OPTIM Technologies  knows how to use its ingenuity to imagine, create and put into service remote-controlled machining machines. Our know-how has been proven not to create prototypes but to build production machines from the first commissioning.

OPTIM Technologies offers a global service ranging from design, manufacture, training and on-site support to its customers.

R&D and prototyping

On-site machining or grinding machine

Bevelling machines and pipe cutters

Non-Destructive Testing machine

Remote controlled in-pipe machines 100m 500m 1000m

Technical assistance and training



Valve fitting machine on the Le Prestige oil tanker

Production of machining machines for drilling the hull of the Prestige oil tanker at a depth of 4000m.
Submersible machines remote-controlled by Rover.
Study and development of a hydraulic system in an extremely hostile environment (400 bars of external pressure, low temperatures)


Realization of a internal machining machine to remove the weld bead

Design of a machining machine capable of operating at a distance of more than 750m in a DN400 pipe. Imagination, design and production in 80 days. Technologies developed to maintain control of the machine during movements in the piping.


Realization of a series of umbilical off-shore pipes production machines : welding / machining / anchoring / chamfering

Construction of a tube allignment bench coupled to an automatic orbital welding system. Fine adjustment of the allignment on the control panel. Production of cutting and chamfering machines on thin and thick Duplex steel in line. Bevelling machine with external grip with profile tracking on thin thicknesses to achieve precise chamfers.



Nuclear industry

  • Remote-operated machines
  • Dismantling
  • Sampling machine
  • Waste box cutting
  • Test bench
  • Welding assistance

Oil & Gas industry

  • R&D and prototyping
  • Machining or grinding on site
  • Pipe chamfering and cutting machines
  • Inspection machines
  • Remote-controlled long-distance in-pipe machines 100m 500m 1000m
  • Technical assistance and training

Naval industry

  • Submarine hull machining centres
  • Drilling, milling, boring and facing
  • Large boring bars
  • Pipe cutting and chamfering machines
  • Automation