Machinning Machines

Discover a selection of our special machines for machining in the oil, naval and nuclear sectors. Our special machines enable you to weld, dismantle, cut, mill and control with high precision. Optimise your industrial operations with reliable, efficient machines, and boost your company’s productivity with our innovative solutions.

Exemples of machines

Valve fitting machine on the Le Prestige oil tanker

Production of machining machines for drilling the hull of the Prestige oil tanker at a depth of 4000m.
Submersible machines remote-controlled by Rover.
Study and development of a hydraulic system in an extremely hostile environment (400 bars of external pressure, low temperatures)


Realization of a series of umbilical off-shore pipes production machines : welding / machining / anchoring / chamfering

Construction of a tube allignment bench coupled to an automatic orbital welding system. Fine adjustment of the allignment on the control panel. Production of cutting and chamfering machines on thin and thick Duplex steel in line. Bevelling machine with external grip with profile tracking on thin thicknesses to achieve precise chamfers.


Machine for cutting, chamfering and eddy current testing of heating rods in pressurizers.

Pressurizers rods changing

  • Eddy current testing machine


Thread plate control and reforming machine, steam generator.

Control and reforming steam generator thread plate.



Realization of CNC machine 3 axes for machining ITER Magnets TF Coils

Production of an M56 tapping CNC on TF coil and keyway on the ITER site


Steam generator sampling machine - SHERLOCK project

Extraction of samples from worn steam generators (CRUAS and PALUEL) requiring thousands of cuts.
7 dismantling machines for the production of:

  • Cutting of the shell and the shroud

  • Extraction of the vent drain

  • Extractions of tubes and tie rods

  • Extraction of tubesheet samples

  • Extraction of tube support plates samples

  • Cutting of anti-vibration bars

  • Cutting of tubes from their inside


Machine for dismantling condenseur tube

Extract thousands of tubes (between tube plates) 12m long in a footprint of 4m (extraction and cutting)


SILOE reactor stainless steel basin dismantling machine

Cutting and containerization of the SILOE basin. 5 different machines controlled by a robot, without human intervention.


Special machine for machining the LASER MEGA JOULES sphere

Realization of all the holes around the sphere. 5 different machines adapted to different issues. These are positioned by laser tracker.


Pipe cutters, chamferers and surfacers

Cutting, facing and chamfering machine of thin and thick pipes. Used for the dismantling of the primary circuit of the CHOOZ A power plant.

Became an OPTIM Technologies standard product, all diameters.


Realization of a internal machining machine to remove the weld bead

Design of a machining machine capable of operating at a distance of more than 750m in a DN400 pipe. Imagination, design and production in 80 days. Technologies developed to maintain control of the machine during movements in the piping.


Submarine Hull machining and boring Machine

Drilling of the hull during the construction of a submarine. machining on armored steel (high elastic limit). More than a hundred of drillings on armored steel (high elastic limit).


OUr catalog Machines


  • De-socketing machine (removal of socket welds)
    Tube cutting and chamfering


  • Cutting machine
  • Pipe straightening and chamfering for 3 to 4″ diameter pipes
  • Schedule standard


  • Motorization package
  • Stand-alone brushless outrunner motor and gearbox with control unit