Unique Expertise

OPTIM has developed specialised know-how based on extensive experience and unrivalled responsiveness, acquired in the demanding nuclear, Oil&Gas and underwater defence markets.

Our Business

Soon 20 years spent in the imagination, design and production of special machines

OPTIM Technologies has produced more than 80 machines in the sectors of:

  • Machining, drilling and reaming in harsh environments
  • remote controlled machines
  • Remotely controlled nuclear installation deconstruction machines
  • Machines for environments with high dosimetric problems

A unique expertise

A unique offer

A smart production

OPTIM’s specialty is providing unique machines designed to perform in any environment.

Our Business

The innovative OPTIM Technologies designs have provided answers to demanding situations where “standard” solutions do not exist. At sea, at a depth of 4,000 meters, in the heart of a nuclear installation, in a refinery, a workshop or a shipyard, OPTIM will design and manufacture on site machines bespoke machine tools, specially adapted to the most demanding environments.

OPTIM Technologies has a unique experience, worldwide, in conception, manufacturing of special machines in hostile environments in the petrochemical, power generation, nuclear, offshore, shipbuilding, industrial maintenance and installation.

OPTIM has created and development team capable of responding quickly to customers whose needs are often urgent.

Working closely with the client’s design team, OPTIM brings its vast experience and expertise to the development of innovative solutions to tackle “impossible” challenges. Using the most up-to-date design capabilities and materials, results are achieved by integration with the customer’s engineering team and ongoing monitoring in the initial stages of validation. All machine design projects are undertaken using the best 3D solid modeling and calculation softwares .

First, the initial designs are presented to the customer to validate the integrity of the design. Manufacturing drawings are produced from the approved design and the machine is produced for initial proof.

OPTIM will assist with the initial tests and will implement, if necessary, any modification or improvement required by the customer, or deemed advantageous by OPTIM, thanks to this first practical experience.

OPTIM has developed relationships with selected machining specialists to ensure results are achieved on all component materials.

Our experience, acquired in various sectors of activity, assures you the knowledge and the competence to conceive and manufacture the solutions to your technical problems.


1st quarter 2021: Audit presentation ISO 9001 / ISO 45001

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